Classical vs Topical

Happy New Year to you all.

January is drawing to a close. However, it’s still new year trailblaze continuing. I look forward to 2017 as a year of new reading, new assimilations and of course, new writings.  2015 saw my first book of poems in Bengali published and get a mixed response – cold, warm, lukewarm. 2016 end witnessed my first Bengali novel enter the field of published books. The novel is named Chiro Prabash ( Eternal Sojourn).

With an explosion of communication technology and geometric progression in networking among human beings across the world the borderline between the classic and the temporary or topical is getting blurred. There was a time when the British readers waited for months for the serially published parts of Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit or David Copperfield. Rercreations through reading were indeed limited. In today’s world you have literally thousands of blogs popping up every week to pander to your mind. An over bombardment of information and ideas are creating a clutter which makes you undecided about the quality, value and necessity of this humanly unmanageable stuff archived in the clouds.

Is it a matter of competition as some indicate or claim ? Is one blogger or two expected to stand out of the crowd and reach the Holy Gate of Fame ? One wonders where had these potential writers been all through the last few centuries ? They have come riding the waves of the world wide web and the digital multimedia revolution and insisting every moment on us to notice them. The more competent among them often succeed in engaging and amusing us but can we name even a few out of them who can replace the serious works of fiction and reflection and get themselves on our minds’ shelves for a measurable period?

I wonder if they do. I suspect as human beings we are becoming shallow with the passage of time. We are seeking limelight with a tiring tenacity and missing on the factors which help us to acquire educated minds.

What do you think my readers, do you agree or disagree?

It would be good to have an exchange of opinions from all on this, if possible.


3 thoughts on “Classical vs Topical

  1. There is much food for thought in what you say. For myself I think many blogs (or at least the ones I have read) are pretty vacuous or deliberately aim to shock or be controversial just to make their writers stand out from the crowd.

    It is also quite difficult in these frenetic times to find time to set down a reasoned, well defined argument which will last longer than the time it took to write it, especially when it comes to politics or current affairs. Such time constraints often mean blog entries are dashed off on the hoof before the next post is written. By and large blogs are like hors d’oeuvres, a quick bite but not a full meal, leaving the reader wondering if there is a main course and if so, is it worth waiting for?

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