Apologies by Dwaipayan Bhattacharya

I slowly pushed the door open…without having it make too much sound. But as always it gave me away..’’Me’’sat before the window with his back to me, watching the rain pouring in glassy sheets outside.So good of you to come by..’’Me’’said. He didn’t sound very pleased and I kind of knew why. Glad you dropped in today……after about an eternity!!! ‘’I was just…..I got so held up in work,you know how it is with all the stuff going on’’…my voice trailed away..unsure of words that would be wise to choose in the situation.’’ Never mind’’ Me said..Its always been this way with you.You always have work…all those priorities that keep you running and all those endless errands which keep you on your toes..No wonder you never get time to be with friends!Even yourself…I quite feel sorry for you… The skies thundered outside…I wished the sounds of thunder would drown my overwhelming sense of guilt.I had no excuses..I had run out of them for good.And to top it all, I knew my callousness had this time gotten the better of me. ‘’And don’t even think of saying sorry’’Me said..thankfully breaking the silence.’’ Me’’ always knew what I was going to say..so it was no big surprise.’’I wasn’t going to’’ I lied,quite unconvincingly. I know I have been careless…’’werent you always’’’ Me chimed in..Yours has been a life where you could do as you pleased and then set everything right with a simple sorry..just turn the clock back and everything would be happily ever after!! I considered it best to remain quiet.Not so much out of forbearance as out of respect. ‘’Why should I entertain your excuses this time’’..come on shoot…and make sure it’s a damn good one…’’Me’’ looked me squarely.I squirmed.’’.I have none…honestly I don’t know what to say.But I might just say that you and I are the same…we complete each other and that the most logical turn of events would be for you to give me a second chance and hopefully move on on a more positive note. After all fighting wouldn’t do us any good as I can see!!’’This is the problem with you’’ Me smiled.Its always logic and good sense and the greater good for you,..every friend matters. They don’t need your unwavering loyalty..what they need is your time…and attention,provided you could spare some! I wished at that moment I had never dropped in..’’regretting our rendezvous are you’’..Me chuckled. Stop being an escapist….friends are something you are blessed with…learn to value them as they do you…Its not Economics right..investments and return..I retorted..’’Maybe not’’ Me smiled.But theres this catch….true friends always forgive.Because we complete each other…It is Economics but on a different level.’’I can sense that’’..I said.I just got this new book from the library…Tales of Horror by Conan doyle..let me know if you want a look…I added sheepishly,hoping against hopeYou poor devil…Me glowed..all this while and now you come up with the scoop of the day…!!! But I thought…I started..’’Its ok man.. Me said..I am here for you and you will learn the ropes of friendship am sure…under my able guidance of course!! Now come lets sit outside and see that book of ours…it smells beautifully of rain !!…He laughed the same way as me and I joined in….It had stopped raining outside and we settled down for a story. Of course I let ‘’ Me’’ have the honour of reading out this time!!


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